Our Vision & Mission



* Extending our development and services to grow with the ever changing demands in energy saving evolution and environmental protection solutions.

General lighting has been dominated by fluorescent light tubes over the past few decades. For example,in Hong Kong alone, there are about 1 billion florescent tubes being used at the moment. However, 95% of these fluorescent light tubes are considered inefficient and are constantly burning up our natural resources at an unnecessarily high rate. To tackle this alarming problem, Martino has acquired and further developed its own energy saving lighting system.

By cutting down electricity consumption significantly, our commitment is to preserve our limited natural resources for our future generations and correspondingly reduce carbon dioxide emission to fight global warming. With our enlightenment, we aim to provide a brighter and greener future.


* Provide the state-of-art LED and energy saving solutions to meet with our customer needs and expansion.

* Achieve high quality products and services.

* Share our experiences with our partners, alliances and customers to ensure we will all have a successful and win-win solution.

* Reaching out of the global market.

* Headquartered in Hong Kong and branch office in Middle East offers the most energy saving lighting system to the market.It is our vision to take this our and exemplify our essence into a global scale.