Features & Benefits of Our LED Light Tubes

* Long-lasting life of 30,000+ hours; up to 10 times of conventional standard T8            fluorescent tube; maintenance and replacement costs are reduced

* Reduce 65%+ of power consumption comparing to standard T8 fluorescent tube;  hence electricity cost is reduced

* Reduce 50%+ of heat generation comparing to standard T8 fluorescent tube

* Increase 20%+ of luminance comparing to standard T8 fluorescent tube

* No toxic substances (Mercury, Lead, Cadmium) which contained in the standard T8 fluorescent tube and is hazardous to health

* No flickering frequency; protect eyes from stress and reduce fatigue

* No Infra Red and Ultra Violet radiation

* Direct replacement of standard T8 fluorescent tube; no extra component needed

* Available in different size: like 2’, 3’, 4’ (feet) or other tailor-made sizes including round shape

* Available in color: White or Daylight


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